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About Safely Does IT

Safely Does IT is a provider of mandatory training covering various industries enabling them to remain legally complaint. The table below sets out some examples.

Act/Regulation Course Title Industry
Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981QNUK Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid (RQF)All industries
COSHH 2002 QNUK 2 Principles of COSHH (RQF)Health and Social Care, Manufacture, Construction and Education.
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups ActQNUK Level 2 Award in Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People (RQF)Health and Social Care, Education and Voluntary Sector.
Early Years Foundation Stage Regulations QNUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF) Early years education 0-5 years including nurseries, childminders and nannies.

Our Mission, Vision, Values & Training Commitment


Safely Does IT is a provider of informative and engaging health and safety training of the highest quality. We believe safety is not achieved by accident but by having competent and motivated staff.


Our vision is to make our training open and accessible to all committed learners. Enabling them to learn in a positive environment helping to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out their job safely and diligently.


Commitment – We are committed to providing a positive learner experience that leads to improved job performance.

Commitment – We are committed to providing a positive learner experience that leads to improved job performance.

Openness – Our courses are open to everyone.

Supportive-We will support our delegates through their learning journey.

‘Quality Learning that’s pain free, engaging and informative.’

Training Commitment

‘Quality Learning that’s pain free, engaging and informative.’

Our Story

My name is Matthew Earp.  After finishing my university education in Sports and Leisure Management over twenty years ago, my first role in a leisure centre led me to take on health and safety responsibilities for the organization.  I could not have known then, how my passion to share Health and Safety knowledge would continue to this day! 

I recall that no-one else wanted to take on that role in Health and Safety.

However, I am so glad that it was assigned to me because as I learned the subject, I reflected on how poor health and safety in the work environment had a real negative impact on some friends and family close to me.  In one case, it had led to cancer in a worker exposed to fumes.  In another case, it had led to damaged hand tendons.  These were real impacts that could have been avoided by responsible health and safety policy and implementation.

I believe everyone should have the right to work; and engage as a customer, in a physically and emotionally safe way.

This realization gave me a real passion to learn more and to take personal responsibility to get the message out in an impactful way. 

During 2004, I decided to focus on Health and Safety full-time and set up my company Safely Does IT Ltd.  Since then, I have been full-time involved in first aid and health & safety training.  I started Safely Does IT to help spread the message I am passionate about that can really make a difference in their day to day lives.

During circa 2011, the Health and Safety market was de-regulated.  I noticed that the quality of training in the marketplace did not always align to the pre-regulated models and standards of good practice.  I became motivated to develop my own courses – supporting my content with practical and academic qualifications that gave me a greater depth of knowledge to share interesting facts with students to make the training relevant and real to ultimately create a passion for applying the knowledge of health and safety in their day to day lives.  I remain aligned through membership with Authorised Organizations so that the quality of my training is voluntarily regulated and assessed to the highest training standards set by the experts in this field.


“I have been working with Safely Does It for over 10 years. Matt is a fantastic trainer his sessions are engaging and informative. Feedback from our delegates is always excellent, those refreshing qualifications are always pleased to see its Matt training them again. I can highly recommend Safely Does It for all your First Aid and Health & Safety training.”

Lisa Lamb (Student Services Manager, London Borough of Hammersmith)

‘I want to thank Matt and his team at Safely Does It for running another fantastic interactive Paediatric first aid course for my team. The knowledge and breath of practical examples is wonderful for my team to feel like they could tackle any first aid problem. Matt’s smooth running of booking is always a pleasure, we look forward to our next course with Safely Does It. ‘

Charlotte Butterfill (Proprietor, Butterfly Pre-school)