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Safely Does IT, Safety Is Not Achieved by Accident

At Safely Does IT we believe having a fully trained workforce in health and safety is good for your business and employees.

For your business, it means compliance through competence: therefore, less accidents; lower absenteeism, reduced costs; and overall better reputation for corporate responsibility.

For your employees, it means they feel valued because you are training them to care for their own and your customers health, safety and welfare. Investing in training and development for your employees also results in greater job satisfaction, improved morale and overall a happier and heathier workforce.

Being proactive and developing a good health and safety culture is key to achieving success for the business and employees – rather than being reactive and learning from your mistakes. Therefore, we believe ‘Safety Is Not Achieved By Accident’.

Training That Delivers: Including First Aid, Health & Safety, First Aid for Mental Health and Safeguarding.

At Safely Does IT we provide accredited training including courses in First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Health & Safety, First Aid for Mental Health and Safeguarding.

We can also provide bespoke training to compliment our accredited courses and make a more tailored learning experience.

Our training is flexible with delivery via face-to-face, blended or via distance-learning dependent on qualification requirements.

Regulated Qualifications

We offer regulated qualifications that sit on the relevant qualifications framework. Including Ofqual (England), Qualification Wales (Wales) and CCEA (Northern Ireland) and SQA (Scotland).

We use two awarding Awarding Organisations First Aid Awards (FAA) and Qualifications Network United Kingdom (QNUK). They have gained recognition with one or more of the above regulators.

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